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Baaghi – The serial with harsh realities of our society


Baaghi is one of that serials which stirred controversies even before the first episode was aired. Saba Qamar was heavily criticized by a specific class of people for her role of Qandeel Baloch.

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On one side people are arguing that Qandeel was not a role model and should not be glorified. Some extreme people also justify the killing of Qandeel Baloch. Then there are sane people who criticize some of her steps but will never justify her killing.

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Anyway we are not gonna get bogged down in those details. Here our focus is just on the social issues seen in the serial



The first issue was shown of a forced marriage where Qandeel was forced to marry the brother of her sister in law.


There is nothing bad if the man is providing for the house. Same should be the case if a woman is providing for her house. But here an issue was shown that women who work are not considered to be good in our society sometimes.


If a women is cheating on her husband she will be considered a whore but if a guy is cheating around then he is a hunk. Same is the case here in Baaghi that Ali Kazmi feels proud of himself on his achievements of flirting around even after getting married.

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It is sometimes said “Aurat he Aurat ki sab se bari dushman hoti hai”. The statement is quite right. A lot of women support the cheating men and even fall for them without realizing that its gonna ruin the home of another women. Apart from the women are also advised to stay quiet and accept the physical abuse they get from their cheating husband.

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Most of the men are only looking to get laid. This can be seen in Baaghi when Fozia Batool moved to city she met a number of men who were only willing to have get her into bed. Even a small favor is offered against the same demand. Survival is tough for a single woman and tougher for the one willing to make a name in the field of media.


This is something a lot of us can relate to. Some of your family members will bash you when you are struggling. Once you achieve something you will be like a role model for them and they will looking at you for financial assistance.


It’s not the case that Baaghi is against men. The role of Sheharyar (Osman Khalid Butt) is a great example of a nice guy falling genuinely in love with her. The role of Rehan (Khalid Malik) shows that men can be best friends with a girl (ignoring the nazuk and chhail chabeela factor)



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