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10 Things You Have Heard Your Parents Say Growing Up In A Desi Household

Every time a kid is born into a desi household, the parents are gifted a hand book of rules because there are certain things EVERY desi kid has heard. We are all in this together.

1. The infamous “log kya kahenge”

Not sure who these “log” really are but for some reason, desi parents are obsessed with what they think.

2. If its in a whatsapp message, its probably true.

The only reason we still receive chain messages like “forward this or you will die” is because desi parents can’t stop forwarding them.

3. “It wasn’t like this in our days”

Because screw technology and evolution. Also, because this is the only justification for your bad behaviour.

4. “I used to able to cook, study, iron and sleep all at the same time”

Yes because millennials are lazy pieces of shit and we have nothing else to do.

5. “What kind of nonsensical lyrics are these?”

Do not listen to rap songs in front of your parents unless you want to be judged for “rotten language” of course.

6. “It is because of this phone of yours”

Anything that goes wrong with the world is because of a small digital device in your hand.

7. “okay but how much did your friend score?”

My grades are obviously linked to my friends.

8. “You won’t understand unless you are a parent one day”

Because the only way you can understand your parents behavior is by becoming a parent, obviously.

9. “Yes, break it all”

Accidentally breaking a dish is a sin and will only get you a sarcastic response.

10. “Who’s going to turn off the light?”

Marium Nadeem
18 and in the middle of an existential crisis.