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SABA QAMAR in BAAGHI – Will they show everything?


There is no doubt about the acting of Saba Qamar as Fozia batool/Kanwal Baloch. Khalid Malik was good with his usual GOOGI character.

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The recent episode of Baaghi once again depicted some harsh realities of society. It showed how hard it is for a girl to work in the field of media. Previously we have seen how each guy tried to get Fozia in his bed but she fought them bravely in the start. This time a few new issues were shown.


Her sister in law (Bhabi ASMA) who used to talk against her all the time was now going gaga for her.

Her brother Raheem who used to beat her was now at her doorstep for some charity. The mother is also now all appraising her daughter Fozia.


The police who is established to serve the public also demanded unusual benefits when she went to police station to bail out her brother.


The media and influencers demanded same benefits from her and this time she had to agree as she needed money to support her family.


Obviously the serial is just inspired by events of Qandeel Baloch. But not everything is being shown in its true context. There are a lot of things that happened but are not shown in the serial. For instance the serial may not be showing the times when Qandeel offered the striptease during the T20 World Cup. Most of the attention seeking stunts Qandeel pulled may not be shown in the serial. Most importantly the character of Mufti Qavi isn’t introduced up til now. Obviously we know a controversial character like him cannot be included in the serial when we are living in a country like Pakistan.

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Still we have a few more episodes to go and we know how the serial is gonna end. Her brother will strangle her to death but let’s see what the reasons are gonna be. Is it gonna be because of honour? Is it gonna be under the influence of drugs? Someone gonna pay him to kill his sister? We have a lot to find out.

You can watch the full episode 22 here

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