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Shaan blames Karachiites for failure of “Arth: The Destination”


Shaan is right now one of the most talked about person in Lollywood. Despite of the fact that he didn’t appear in any movie after the flop “Operation 21” of 2014, he remained managed to appear in news every now and then.



We have seen extensive marketing of his movie “Arth: The Destination”. The movie is inspired by Mahesh Bhatt’s classic “Arth 1982”

I was also excited as I know Shaan is really a fine quality actor and I was looking forward to watch it (despite of being disappointed after Operation 21). But suddenly a tweet got my attention. It was from the official account of Shaan Shahid and it was just a start of a facebook post.

via: twitter

I went to the official facebook page of Shaan and found this

via: fb

After reading the crap I called my friends and changed the plan and we watched Jumanji then. I tried a lot to make sense of his post but I failed. Obviously this attracted the wrath of all of Karachi people who loved his work in WAAR and Khuda Ke Liye (including me).


He didn’t stop there and continued embarrassing himself. Have a look

via: twitter

Shaan came up with a LEGENDARY REPLY

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And when I thought things can’t get any worse he gave up another AMAZING STATEMENT when someone asked why he deleted his post

via: twitter

Finally he got back to his senses and deleted all the tweets and facebook posts. But you can still find some of the replies there. But it is said “What appears on internet stays on the internet”. So here we have all the screenshots where he embarrassed himself in front of the world at large.


Mr. Shaan Shahid, I have lived in Karachi for all my life and I never met a single guy who hated you. Yes I know people who ignored your 300 movies in which you had a gandasa and danced in rain. But never hated you. I was planning to go watch Arth but after reading your post I changed the plans and watched Jumanji with my friends. We will always criticize when you work crap.

Another thing to kept in mind is that Punjab Nahi Jaungi also released from Lahore but I witnessed houseful theaters in Karachi for long. Each and every point you raised was invalid and just showed your frustration.

Improve your work and people will love you.





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