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Chupan Chupai – The Honest Review by Majid Khan


My team was invited to watch the premiere of “Chupan Chupai” at Nueplex.

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Wasn’t expecting much as I was disappointed by the bathroom jokes of NaMaloom Afraad 2 and the poor performance of Rangreza and Arth: The Destination. Only Punjab Nahi Jaungi was a great movie this year till now

Don’t make me start on Sahir Lodhi’s “Raasta” and Syed Noor’s “Chain Aye Naa”.

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Went there with 4 of my friend. The last time we went to a premiere it was of “Lahore Se Aagay” and within the first 20 minutes of movie random people sitting near us asked “Bhai Puri Movie Dekhogay?”. So our doubts were reasonable but we believed in Ahsan Khan so went there. And we were not disappointed.


The movie “Chupan Chupai” is based on three friends (Ali Rizvi, Wajdan Shah and Zaid Sheikh) who are trying to make money in any way that is possible. Their lives took a turn when they met Babu Bhai (Ahsan Khan) and his alter ego girlfriend Pari (Neelam Muneer). Their lives took another great turn when they kidnapped Babar Durrani (Faizan Khawaja), the cunning son of a sitting minister (Talat Hussain). And then they had to face the wrath of SHO Choudhary (Adnan Jaffar)


Please keep in mind that I am not a critic. I can’t judge a movie on the basis of its screenplay or cinematography etc. My review will only tell you what an ordinary guy will feel after watching the movie.


The movie is captivating right from the start and will keep you waiting with its hilarious turns and twists. Ahsan Khan led the team hilariously. The chemistry of Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer is adorable.

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The acting of each and everyone from the cast is up to the mark. Faizan Khawaja is a great addition to the movie and showed the best of his acting. A number of scenes will make you roll on your seats laughing.

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A few flaws can be seen even from a layman’s eye but they are petty things and can be ignored. Neelam Muneer looked amazing throughout the movie and whatever she wore she looked awesome. But still her role is questionable. Even that can be justified as the universe created by Director Mohsin Ali didn’t have much of the room for the role of PARI in Chupan Chupai. The film is shot in Karachi and shows the life of ordinary middle class men.

Still the movie will hook you till the end and the climax will make you jump off your seats.

Do watch this movie along with your family and you will return fully entertained.

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2 thoughts on “Chupan Chupai – The Honest Review by Majid Khan

  1. Pata nahi aap ke review ko mujhe seriously lena chahiye ya nahi kyun ke Na maloom Afraad 2 mujhe bohat achi lagi thi aur Punjab Nahi Jaungi tau mujh se dekhi hi nahi ja rahi thi, itni boring lagi. Aur NMA2 main khaas taur par bathroom wale joke pe tau mujhe bohat hasi aayi thi.

  2. Sir I think we’ve both been watching seperate movies. Stop recommending this crap to people. Its the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life . Even the humor was decrepit . Watching the movie was harder then turning around in the bathroom to flush while staring at my ugly turd just laying there in the toilet

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