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DUMBA BOTI at AL-ASIF – Rumors and Review


Al-Asif is a name which used to scare a lot of Karachiites. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine “Al-Asif Square”. Be honest with what comes to your mind? Dangerous, under-construction area, suspicious people, dust everywhere, Naswar stalls, Iraq shown in Tiger Zinda Hai. Am I right? I know you must be imagining a lot of things I don’t wanna mention right now but they are indeed the things that scare our families etc to go there. But one thing has always been famous about Al-Asif. . . The “Dumba Boti” . . .


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A couple of months back me and a few friends of mine decided to risk our lives and we went there to eat the famous “Dumba-Boti”. One shop was outside on the main road but a reliable source instructed us to go inside the narrow street. At the end of that short narrow street we found ourselves in what looked like the bazaar of Baghdad. We were surrounded by shops of dry fruits, cell phones, jackets and each and everything from Red Bull to Genuine Honey was available.

The area looked mesmerizing as a butcher shop was also there right next to honey shop. The versatility of that market was amazing. And just a few steps later we found ourselves in the an area with most diversified customer base. There were three restaurants, all of them looked same. Al-Makka Restaurant, Al-Madina Restaurant and Harmain Restaurant.


It was a simple area. Not a fancy place and people from all the ethnic origins were sitting there on the carpeted floor with a cushion. On a side a group of around 10 Urdu speaking guys were sitting waiting for their order, on the other side I saw a few guys wearing Ajrak and a number of pathans were also there.

We sat at last one of them “Al-Makka Restaurant” and placed the order for 2 dozen Dumba Boti seekh. A friend of us also recommended us to order Afghani pulao so we ordered it too.


Pulao was served instant and was mouth watering and felt like something we never had before. Although we can’t rate them because of the presentation. But they are simple people, they just focus on their food and taste. Nothing else.

A few minutes later Boti was also served and for the first ever time I tried the famous dumba boti. First of all let me clear one thing. One seekh got 4 bites out of which 3 are of beef and one piece of fat is of lamb which provides the essence to the other three pieces.

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A Kandhari naan is served with the boti seekhs. When the boti is served it will be so hot that you can easily see the oil drops boiling on the pieces. That is the perfect moment to eat it. The moment it touches your tongue you will immediately fell in love with the salty taste of boti with aroma of that dumba. The sensation to your tongue will be amazing and make you want to visit the place again and again. 2 dozen were not enough for us so had to order a dozen more and then we were satisfied. We had so much of them that we felt difficulty in standing up as we were full to our throats.


Ordered Kahwa after the amazing boti and we were not disappointed with the kahwa and gurr.


The amount was below 1300 and was affordable for 3 guys.



Its a must try thing for every Karachi guy and those who are visiting Karachi.Although I don’t think ladies can go there alone to enjoy the delicious meal but I really hope the conditions are improved in the near future.








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