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Was not disappointed with the last movie of 2017 “Chupan Chupai” so went to watch the first movie of 2018 “Parchi”. The movie stars famous and lovely lady Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Usman Mukhtar and Faizan Khawaja.

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Please keep in mind that my review is only gonna tell what an ordinary guy felt after watching that movie. I am not a critic and I can’t judge a movie on the basis of its screenplay, cinematography and other technical stuff.


Basheer aka Bash (Ali Rehman Khan) got his friends in trouble and some sort of female don Eman (Hareem Farooq) came up with solutions to get them out when they have received a parchi from Zodiac Bhai (Shafqat Cheema).


Within the first 10 mins the plot was clear. Let me explain it this way

A group of friends, in need of money, trying to score some big bucks, a mafia boss also trying to get them, friends win in the end, mafia boss/bad guy goes to jail, hero gets the girl and the money.

Sounds interesting? No. Because you have seen around a hundred such movies. Fukrey, Delhi Belly, C-Kompany, Hera Pheri, Dhol, Na Maloom Afraad to name a few. I thought only Na-Maloom Afraad (1) was the mixture of Fukrey, Delhi Belly and C-Kompany but I was wrong. After Parchi I am sure our industry is gonna use the same formula till eternity.


Hareem Farooq and Ahmed Ali Akbar were okay with their acting but Ali Rehman Khan and the guy who was their last friend, Bhoola, were pathetic. I don’t understand why you always need a lame and stupid kinda guy as part of a group.

A lady was shown as the mother of Natasha (Mahenur Haider) and that is the moment I saw people in the theater (they were already very few in total) losing their cool as what kind of a senseless acting is this. The way BASH touched his mustache again and again made people uncomfortable and whenever he referred to Hareem as SWEETNESS reminded me of “Can I Kiss?” from Chain Aye Naa.

I must say a few scenes were good and a few jokes were hilarious. But how can a total of 7-8 good jokes lift a whole movie of 2 hours?


The song imagine was good and perfectly included in the movie. Even its picturization is good and you will definitely enjoy that song

The song “Billo Haaye” was included forcefully. It felt like they really want to dance and to show Hareem in a Choli.


The movie was marketed brilliantly which made me visit the theater to watch it. After the show it reminded me of a brand of snacks launched in Pakistan which looked like some local version of DORITOS but tasted like sand. The snack was also marketed amazingly well but flopped as soon as it was in the market due to word of mouth. Same is the case here.

This is not India where people will love stupid movies like Ready, Happy New Year etc. A movie needs to be really good to impress the audience here and work needs to be done on even small details.

So I will only advise you to watch this movie if you have nothing better to do and got money to waste.

If you are not gonna watch it you won’t be missing anything.




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