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Struggles of a person who cannot read or write Urdu properly

This society is judgmental, they’ll mock you, if you can’t read or write Urdu properly. Some people proudly say that they cannot read or write it however, some people genuinely feel ashamed. Unfortunately, our education system did not give importance to our National language. Well, here are the struggles faced by Pakistanis who cannot read or write Urdu properly.

– Ye to humare National language hai

Indeed, it is our National Language, but our education system is messed up. Every school gives more importance to English as compared to Urdu. Even though I’ve noticed how people talk to kids in English, every parent wants their child/children to speak and write English fluently. Then, how can you expect them to learn our National language?

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– Angrez ho kya?

I hate it when someone indirectly taunts with this sentence. You people were the ones who wanted us to prioritize English, now you are the ones to mock us. Chahte kya ho akhir?

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– Pakistan mein he rehte ho na?

Jee, CNIC dekha dein kya? As you can clearly notice how we to reside in Pakistan, yet you’ll indirectly taunt this way. It’s not our fault if we cannot read or write it, you should blame this society and education system.

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– Zyada “burger” mat bano

It’s not about being “burger” or “bun kabab”. We were never taught Urdu properly and we never did well in that subject at school either. You should have noticed our weak point to make it better in the first place.

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– Pakistan mein reh kar Urdu nae ate?

Rehne se Urdu bhagte hue nae a jate, it takes time to learn a language properly. Angrezon ko bhi properly English nae ate, if they cannot speak Urdu fluently, wo cute. If we cannot speak English properly, we’ll be considered as illiterate. Just to save ourselves from this embarrassing situation, we don’t give importance to Urdu.

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– Cool nae bano

Urdu ko not so cool samjhne wale fazool hain. It is a cool language as well, but English is cooler. Right? We’ve gotta change this concept, let’s step forward to keep them equally balanced. Both languages are cool in their own ways.

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– Muslim ho kar apne mother tongue nae ate!

How can you people mix religion and identity with language? Urdu is a language however, being a Muslim is a religion. Religion doesn’t necessarily means it has something to do with languages, it is a misconception.

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–  Haw haye, Urdu nae ate?

When you ask someone a definition of a word or if you ask them to read a text written in Urdu for you. Firstly, they’ll taunt right away. Secondly, they’ll ask you, “Tumhein kaise nae ate, kyun nae ate?” it is our National Language. (Ate hote to apse bolte kyun)

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– School mein kaise parh lia, hain?

We never obtained good marks in this subject, we never thought to study it with concentration. Our mind sets were prepared differently, like Urdu will be useless once this educational life is over. Even though our teachers never bothered putting in some extra efforts for our language classes. We were given an option to study easy Urdu in school, but there was no option for English. Therefore, we preferred to study easy version instead.

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– Language shows a class/standard

Oho, Urdu bolne wale cheap log hote hain. However, English language determines the elite class of this society. I would say, a language doesn’t show class/standard. People from other countries aren’t ashamed to speak their language, then why are we ashamed to speak ours?

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Urdu is a beautiful language and it is important for us to learn our National Language, we should speak, read and write it fluently. This society should step forward to change the concept for our mother tongue being not-so-cool language. Stop giving importance to English, stop pushing kids to prioritize English at a level where they forget that our national language is not English.

Disclaimer: Pardon me, if I accidentally made a mistake in this blog post.

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