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What’s new at Karachi Eat 2018 by Shan Foods?


Shan foods is a reputable name in food industry. Almost every desi household got masala boxes of shan in their kitchen.


Karachi Eat 2018 will be held at Benazir Shaheed Park near Boat Basin. It was a great success last year and I still remember I had to park my car around 2 kms away but still the food was worth it.

This time Shan foods is gonna be there cooking live with their special recipes for our visitors. Let’s have a look at what’s gonna be there in the menu

The menu is carefully planned keeping in mind the weather, the taste of people and the tradition of Shan.


Nihari, which is loved by millions all over Karachi, will be there for those who love beef and their expert cooks will be there to serve you the best Nihari you will have.


Who can resist mouth watering fish, full of proteins and just fried to perfection? Trust me I am on diet but I won’t stop there if fish is being served.


I told you so, the menu is made in a way keeping in mind the weather. Paya is another great addition. You must have heard of love at first sight but here you will fall in love at first bite.


We can call it a soughaat for beef lovers. Try it once and you won’t go to the next stall.




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