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GHUGHI – An intense Hindu-Muslim love saga


GHUGHI is an upcoming drama serial which will be aired on TV One from 25thof January 2018 at 8 pm. Starring Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan in the lead roles.


In the many wars and conflicts the world has seen over the years , women have been the  target of the worst atrocities. Whether they have been dishonoured as the spoils of war or ravaged to avenge defeat, the cruel exploitation and abuse of women has continued through the ages-  and still carries on today.


So its no surprise that many fearless writers over the centuries have been women. Whether it was Sappho of Greece , Princess Zaibunnisa of India, Khalida Adeeb Khanum of Turkey, Europe’s Virginia Woolf, Urdu novelist Ismat Chughtai or Punjabi literature’s Amrita Pritam – these strong, gutsy women raised their voices to condemn the savage treatment of women creating timeless, literary masterpieces.


Much of Urdu and Punjabi literature’s most memorable works was inspired by the upheaval and violence resulting from the Partition of India on or before 1947.


One memorable gem from this treasure is Pinjar– a novel written by one of the greatest Punjabi poets Amrita Pritam. Pinjar is considered the best novel of that genre winning many awards for its realistic and heartwrenching portrayal of  an innocent  young girl kidnapped to avenge a family’s honour. Many women over the years could readily identify with the heroine Nirmala and the torment she suffered.


TvONE is now proud to present GHUGGI – a new drama serial based on this timeless masterpiece .

Like Pinjar, Ghuggi raises an important question for society :

Why must a woman always be sacrificed at the altar of a man’s ego or  his thirst for revenge?

Ghuggi is a story of passionate love, unbridled hate and vicious enmity. Set against the violent upheaval of Partition, the serial has many soul stirring songs and glimpses of the vibrant culture of the sub-continent.

Skillfully written by Amina Mufti and ably directed by Iqbal Husain, Ghuggi stars Adnan Siddiqui and charming newcomer Amar Khan.

An intense Hindu-Muslim love saga is projected in this play.Amar Khan plays a hindu and Adnan a Muslim.Witnessing this fiery combo and crackling chemistry will be an enchanting treat for the viewers


Met the cast of Ghughi at Karachi Eat so here are a few short clips of their words about the serial

Please don’t judge my interview skills I am not supposed to be amazing at it.

Anyway don’t forget to watch this serial every Thursday at 8 pm and also provide us with your valuable feedback.


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