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10 Things I Find Largely Annoying About Pakistani Weddings

December is here which means Pakistani wedding season is in full swing. Now we all love our weddings, but there are a few things that largely annoy us. Here is a list of 10 annoying things about Pakistani weddings.

  •  There is no parking space available near the venue

It is almost impossible to find parking space near the venue, so you have to walk all the way to the hall in those uncomfortable heels.


  • Should I hug everyone or would a handshake work?

Most of us can’t figure out how to greet people. Sometimes you just want to shake hands and the aunty is expecting a hug. It can get really awkward!

  • The rishta aunties!

The moment we all dread is when random aunties start interviewing us.

No Aunty, I don’t want to get married right now.

  • Phupos, chachis telling you “ab tumhari baari hai!”

As soon as the bride appears on the stage, all your family members start saying “YOU’RE NEXT”.


  • The never-ending photography sessions

Pakistani weddings=Food, hence most of us don’t eat anything at home so we can eat loads at the wedding. But it becomes annoying when you are starving and they don’t open the food until the photography session is done.


  • The battle for biryani & tikkas!

As soon as dinner begins another battle starts. You have to fight aunties and uncles for a leg piece in the biryani and the tikkas.


  • When your cousin’s husband’s sister comes and says “aray kitni bari hogai hai”

It gets awkward when aunties from your extended family see you and instantly give a tight hug.

  • Winter weddings and the dilemma of dressing up

You really want to flaunt your new dress at the wedding but you also want to keep yourself warm, so you end up wearing a shawl or a cardigan.

Sweater Pehen Lo.                            Nahiii!

  • Selfies, selfies and more selfies

Even though you are in no mood for any more pictures, you still have to pose for those selfies.


  • I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!

Pakistani weddings usually wrap around 1 AM leaving you exhausted. No one wants to wake up early morning next day for work.

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