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THE GREATEST SHOWMAN – A Treat to eyes and ears


When I went to watch Parchi in theater I also watched the trailer of “The Greatest Showman” and immediately planned to watch it. But Pakistani audience is not much a fan of hollywood musicals so the movie was played just in Royal of Nueplex.

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We will witness Hugh Jackman in the lead role of P. T. Barnum whose imagination inspired the birth of show-business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

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P. T. Barnum rose from nothing, married the childhood sweetheart and his imagination created the greatest show ever of that time. But at the expense for what? A married life which was disturbed due to his success, his team feeling neglected and his attention diverted to other issues of life and to more glorifying areas of the business.


“The Greatest Showman” can simply be called a beautiful movie which is a treat to your eyes and ears. We all know Hugh Jackman is one of the finest actors in town but I was surprised by the performance of Zac Efron. He definitely proved the musical side of his skills and lived the character of Phillip Carlyle.

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His interracial love story with Zendaya was fictitious but is still a great and beautiful part of the movie. The lyricist were the Academy Award Winning Pasek and Paul (for La La Land). The songs will make your heart melt and specially the one featuring “Rewrite the stars” will make you fall in love again.

Rebecca Ferguson as JENNY LIND is mesmerizing and you will drown in the lyrics of NEVER ENOUGH.

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Michael Gracey skillfully brought together the best music, choreography, cast, cinematography, visual effects, costumes, and set decoration I have seen in recent years, all fresh and original, and integrated them into nothing short of a masterpiece.

The movie is being criticized because of not being historically accurate but then you can watch Dunkirk if you want to learn history. Greatest Showman is a rollercoaster of fun, excitement and emotions and as a layman you won’t be able to



I am not a critic. I can only tell you what a simple ordinary moviegoer felt after watching this piece of art. This movie is slammed by critics but is doing really well commercially worldwide. Watch this entertainer with your family and your time will be worth it. You will smile for 2 hours and will leave the theater with a sense of hope. A number of great messages are also there in the movie.

Musicals are a rare breed and you should enjoy them when you can.

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