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5 questions every Pharmacy Undergraduate has to answer

Pharmacy is one of the most paid professions all around the world and in Pakistan, it is the most underrated and confused field. Whenever a layman thinks of a pharmacy they assume it as a medical store. Moreover, when it comes to pharmacist many different questions arise in their heads as for why a person has to study 5 years to sit on a medical store. Well, today we will talk about 5 questions every Pakistani Pharmacy Student can relate too.

Are you a doctor?

This is the most frequent question asked from a pharmacist. He has to answer this from the day he enters the pharmacy school to the day of his death. In Pakistan Pharmacy’s degree is called “Doctor of Pharmacy” but we are so much in giving respect to MBBS doctors that we cannot imagine giving that prestige to you know… a pharmacist… who will sit on a medical store and sells medicine.

Where will you work?

That question confuses the heck out of people. Where will a pharmacist work? No one has met any pharmacist in a hospital (or they don’t consider them a pharmacist but a chemist) so what on earth are the pharmacists doing in a hospital?? Are these the people making medicines in the industry? Are the pharmacist capable of being a drug inspector or the MBBS do that??

What do you do in the hospital?

As a pharmacist is thought to be a chemist, the question arises why is he doing his internship in a hospital. Is the thesis only the reason or can hospitals appoint pharmacist? If a pharmacist is going to hospitals then what is a difference between an MBBS and a pharmacist?? Especially when you call both as doctors. And it is usually misconceived as pharmacists make doctors sell thier medicine.

Haven’t you graduated yet?

Shit happens! All of the graduate courses are 4 years bachelors except for MBBS and unfortunately, Pharmacy. Whenever a pharmacist is attending a family function or a dinner party, the question hits from different sides “Graduate nahi kia abhi tk?” “Kb hogi tmhari parhai khattam?” “Or kitnay saal rehty hain?” as it doesn’t make sense studying 5 years and not being an MBBS. And the worst one “Fail to nahi hue kahin?”

Will you open a medical store?

And at last, hesitant relative cannot resist asking “apna medical store khology?” because after all these questions are answered our conventional minds never want to understand who is a pharmacist and what they really do.

If you are a pharmacist you can definitely relate to all these questions and any others. If you are not, and want to know the answers comment below.  I would love to answer all your pharmacy-related queries. Stick around for more.

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