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Remembering Qazi Wajid | 5 Unforgettable Plays of Qazi Wajid

Qazi Wajid’s death kicked as a collapse to all of us who have grown up watching him as a wondrous actor. He used to force breath in characters. Not everyone can do wonders like he did. His attainment of characters is remarkable and some of them are so astounding that they live forever. Let’s talk about 5 of his plays that didn’t fade with time and are as unique as they were back then.

Taleem e Balghan

Taleem e Balighan is the surpassing tele-theatre to be televised in Pakistan. It is one of the hilarious school stories where the students are actually adults. Among the students, Qazi Wajid played the role of Shamsu. The story was shot one more time and aired again and was still lively as it was before. It is a timeless story which is applicable to politics of any era.

Khuda ki Basti

Khuda ki Basti was a major hit of 1969 and this performance truly put Qazi Wajid’s extraordinary talent to the world. This play was retelecasted in 1974 where Qazi Wajid remained the same as he played the role of Raja in the play. It proved to be a gamechanger for Qazi Wajid’s career from radio to television. Later various drama academies around the world introduced this drama in their syllabi.


Ankahi was a super duper hit of Pakistan Drama Industry. It gave birth to so many innovations in Pakistani Dramas. Ankahi starred many fascinating actors one of which was Qazi Wajid. He played the charming uncle in the play and gave life to the role. Incited by Ankahi, India also released a movie “Chal Mere Bhai” with the same story in 2000.


Followed by Ankahi, Tanhaiyan also was a major success of Pakistan Drama Industry. Hands down, no one could play the role of Faran Sahab as splendidly as Qazi Wajid. The supportive edge and a hilarious side, who else can manage both of them together as gracefully as Qazi Wajid?? PTV aired this drama multiple times because of its incredible demand. And not only this. Not getting enough of it, after 27 years the sequel of Tanhaiyan was also released starring almost all the charming people who were in part 1.

Dhoop Kinare

Dhoop Kinaray was our old extraordinarily prosperous blow with an extensive following. Qazi Wajid’s appearance in Dhoop Kinaray as Zoya’s baba still manages to give father-daughter relationship goals. This drama not only secured a special place in the history of PTV but it operated as a blockbuster around the world.

The mentioned Dramas are the biggest achievements of Pakistan Drama Industry. These are not only Qazi Wajid’s mindblowing achievements but also count as the most striking dramas of Pakistan. Comment below if you have watched them and which one is your favourite.

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