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The things that entertained / irritated Pakistan in 2017 Pakistan is really a country full of entertainment. Each and every day will give you something which will give u memories for the rest of your life. It is rightfully said "What appears on internet stays there forever". A number of things

Harassment . . . Things that won’t fall in this category

THE ISSUE Recently this discussion is in news due to a lot of incidents. Mainly that Sharmeen incident created headlines when she got a Doctor of Aga Khan University fired just because he sent a friend request to her sister. Important thing is that she called it harassment. This gave rise

MALALA wore pants and our people calling her Pornstar

MALALA Malala has always been a controversial name. Even I disagree with a lot of things but what happened today was really disappointing. PANTS Recently Malala was spotted wearing pants (I have absolutely no idea what's wrong in that) and this suddenly started a whole new fuss. This was utterly shameful. You may disagree

The Katta Chapli Kabab in Shah Faisal Colony – Karachi

KATTA CHAPLI KABAB - Shah Faisal Colony Karachi Karachi is the food hub of Pakistan and we have been making fun of Lahoris for their Khota gosht. But recently it is discovered that the famous Chapli Kabab house "A-1 Peshawari Chapli Kabab House" has been using katta meat to prepare Chapli