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5 questions every Pharmacy Undergraduate has to answer

Pharmacy is one of the most paid professions all around the world and in Pakistan, it is the most underrated and confused field. Whenever a layman thinks of a pharmacy they assume it as a medical store. Moreover, when it comes to pharmacist many different questions arise in their heads as

Struggles of a person who cannot read or write Urdu properly

This society is judgmental, they’ll mock you, if you can’t read or write Urdu properly. Some people proudly say that they cannot read or write it however, some people genuinely feel ashamed. Unfortunately, our education system did not give importance to our National language. Well, here are the struggles faced

Zalmi with Ability , Ability with Disability – Wheelchair Tennis Match

Zalmi with Ability , Ability with Disability The franchise of Peshawar Zalmi organised a great event for disabled people under the name of "Ability with Disability". Disability does not mean inability at all. A tennis match was contested between KP Zalmi and FATA Zalmi teams which is the first of its kind.

ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL – Unpaid House Officers and PGs

ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is located in one of the most populous neighborhoods in Karachi and is the third largest hospital that comes under the umbrella of City Government of Karachi. This public hospital was constructed in the early 1970s and serves the residents of northern part of the city

Harassment . . . Things that won’t fall in this category

THE ISSUE Recently this discussion is in news due to a lot of incidents. Mainly that Sharmeen incident created headlines when she got a Doctor of Aga Khan University fired just because he sent a friend request to her sister. Important thing is that she called it harassment. This gave rise

Skardu – A Visual Retreat (From the diary of Amber Zulfiqar)

Skardu, the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, is a gateway to heavenly sceneries and mesmerizing peaks that are proven to leave probably everyone in awe. A Tour to Pakistan is incomplete without visiting this beautiful landscape that also hosts the world's second highest peak: K-2 What Makes Skardu Special Out of the

SMOG in Punjab – Effects of smog and Precautions you should take

SMOG Smog is simply a type of air pollution which we are facing right now in Punjab. Till now a number of people are injured and one person died due to accidents because of smog. The PML(N) MNA Maiza Hameed blamed it on India But a fellow came up with a rebuttal Our focus