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Shahbaz Maqsood Khan left Jazz and we can’t stop talking about him

SHAHBAZ MAQSOOD KHAN Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, the formidable Director Brands and Communications of the biggest telecom brand of Pakistan, Jazz has moved on to newer avenues. ACHIEVEMENTS The portfolio of his achievements during his two-and-a-half-year stay is very impressive. Under his leadership, Jazz overturned its slide into becoming the market leader in terms

The legendary video games we grew up playing and we still love

THE LEGENDARY GAMES OF OLD TIMES When I was growing up Play Stations and Xbox were not introduced. When they were introduced I was really poor and couldn't afford a console so had to work with Atari and Sega Mega Drive as they were a bit cheap to buy. Still a


STUPID TREND WE FOLLOWED We have all had our share of daag-daar maazi. We all followed some really stupid trend when we were young. To be really honest with you I still follow stupidity sometimes. Here we are gonna discuss some stupid trends we followed back then 1 - Dhoom Hair John rose

MALALA wore pants and our people calling her Pornstar

MALALA Malala has always been a controversial name. Even I disagree with a lot of things but what happened today was really disappointing. PANTS Recently Malala was spotted wearing pants (I have absolutely no idea what's wrong in that) and this suddenly started a whole new fuss. This was utterly shameful. You may disagree