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SMOG in Punjab – Effects of smog and Precautions you should take

SMOG Smog is simply a type of air pollution which we are facing right now in Punjab. Till now a number of people are injured and one person died due to accidents because of smog. The PML(N) MNA Maiza Hameed blamed it on India But a fellow came up with a rebuttal Our focus

Where’s My Dupatta: Rights of a Muslim Girl

*Disclaimer*: This article merely questions the importance and symbolism that a dupatta holds in the life of a girl specifically one belonging to a desi household. It is not at all directed towards attacking the principles of Islam. Do you ever hear the door bell and fling off of your bed ninja

Captain Safdar against Ahmedis/Qadiyanis – What people think

CAPTAIN SAFDAR Yesterday the legendary guy who is known just for marrying in the right family gave some controversial statements in the national assembly. I am not qualified enough to pass my verdict on sensitive issues. Have a look at the speech of Captain Safdar and judge yourself We live in a